Big City Skin Survival

As people head out on vacation this year, many will be destined for touring the world’s big cities and all they offer. Make sure your skin survives the trip by following some of these suggestions.
Big City Air Quality.
Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, DC and San Diego are popular summer vacation destinations. And this year, don’t forget London, host of the summer Olympics.
These four US metro areas are in the top 15 US cities with the highest pollution levels, according to the American Cancer Society’s 2012 State of the Air Report; and London’s air pollution ranks among the worst in Europe. You should take extra precautions when visiting these or other Northen Hemisphere cities where air quality takes a dive in the summertime.
At the very least, we suggest tucking a travel size Pollution Solution Mist into a purse or pouch so it’s fingertip accessible at all times. With its blend of amino acids and plant extracts to fend off ozone, tobacco smoke and other air pollutants, this cooling mist is skin’s best friend when air becomes the enemy.
Spritz hourly during flight or while outdoors to protect skin from high levels of ozone and other forms of pollution. If tobacco smoke is a problem, spritz every 20 to 30 minutes to keep skin under an umbrella of protection.
Special care for those with rosacea.
For those with rosacea, the big city can be especially troublesome. Urban smog can trigger an episode on a hot day in two ways: chemical irritation and heat. Make sure you go on your way with 5-Day Trial Sizes of Pollution Solution Mist to keep skin cool and free of chemical-irritation along with R-Relief Serum and Soothing Gelle Masque to hold-off reactions when air quality and heat get out of hand.
Put together your own Skin Travel Survival Tote.
Include 5-Day Trial Sizes of Skin Defense Creme, DetoxPlus Masque and, of course, Pollution Solution Mist. Those traveling by air should apply a generous amount of Skin Defense Creme, prior to boarding or underneath foundation, before setting out for the airport.
This revolutionary creme protects in-flight skin three ways:
  1. Fortifying lipids maintain skin’s natural moisture-holding capacity.
  2. Two breathable barriers form a lightweight shield from harmful ozone in plane cabins.
  3. Time-released antioxidants deliver long-term protection from surface radicals.
Skin arrives fit, fresh and ready to take on the world.

For those who like to play it extra safe – or just want a little added comfort as they settle in for the coming week away – we suggest DetoxPlus Masque to saturate skin with soothing moisture as it brightens and regenerates skin’s healthy glow.

Get ready for vacation season!
To make sure you stay on your skincare routines while you’re gone, make sure you’re stocked up on 5-Day Trial Sizes in your favorite items. You’ll hardly notice how much luggage space a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye creme, exfoliator, masque and serum take up when they’re in the munchkin sizes required for travel.
Another plus? An entire skincare routine usually takes about half of the quart bag allowed in take-on luggage, leaving the reat for hair products, liquid foundation and the like.

Call or come by the Spa to pick up these “Big City Air Quality” solutions.