Featured Essential Oils

Featured Essential Oils:
Specifically designed with Spring in mind, these blends capture the freshness and rejuvenation of this wonderful season (we were just under a foot of snow a few weeks ago, right?).
Fill the air with the crisp, bracing scent of April Mist, get ready for light floral notes with May Flowers and get lost in a budding garden with June Bloom.
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The Role of Growth Factors in Skin Healing and Rejuvenation

Traditional topically applied treatments for reversing the signs of aging and photo-damage in skin utilize various ingredients that have limited benefits but do not actively mimic the natural functions of the skin. Growth factor biotechnology has enabled an entirely new, revolutionary method of restoring aging and photo-damaged skin to a more youthful state: replenishing the naturally occurring biological elements that are present in young, undamaged skin to re-activate the skin’s youthful functions.

Growth factors are signaling proteins produced by stem cells in the epidermis. They travel through the layers of the skin, keeping skin cells active and nourished. Growth factors regulate the biological activities responsible for repairing cellular and genetic damage and maintaining the skin’s smooth, firm, healthy appearance. Production of growth factors, and thus the repair and maintenance activities they stimulate, slows down as skin ages and suffers years of environmental and photo damage. Collagen and elastin are destroyed faster than fibroblasts can replace stores of these fibers, which provide firmness and elasticity to the skin. Repair and new cell generation become less effective, so the skin is more susceptible to damage becoming permanent and visible in the form of rhytides, sagging skin, and hyperpigmentation.

Clinical trials of artificial skin grafts for burns and other serious wounds have long shown the benefits of applying healthy, normal skin with youthful levels of growth factors to damaged areas. The growth factors are the primary mechanisms in generating new, healthy skin. The visible manifestations of aging and photo-damage are, essentially, wounds that the skin is unable to heal completely due to a sub-optimum level of growth factors to activate the regeneration process.

Elevations Featured Essential Oil

LAVENDAR Aromatherapy Properties: Lavender offers a multitude of benefits and uses. It balances the mood, clears the mind, has a long tradition in skin & hair care as well as medicine and is used for many household solutions. One of the unique characteristics of Lavender Essential Oil is that it is not merely energizing or relaxing, but balancing. The scent of Lavender will rejuvenate and inspire a tired person, and relax, soothe and slow down someone who is stressed or tense. Harness the powers of Lavender to add balance and serenity to our increasingly hectic lives. While pharmaceutical drugs are limited to either stimulating or sedating a person, Lavender – like many other remedies offered by nature – is able to re-establish the person’s balanced, harmonious and natural state without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Suggested Use: Apply a few drops to a tissue and inhale, or place on your pillow for restful sleep. Add a few drops to your laundry rinse, your drawers, and the water reservoir of your iron for fresh smelling laundry. Two drops on your hair brush will rejuvenate hair and scalp. Add 5-10 drops to 1oz. of Carrier Oil or unscented body care product, less if you are making body care for children.

Health & Beauty Tips

  • Did you know, drinking an extra glass of water a day, with a squeeze of Lemon, can strengthen your digestion and flush your system?
  • Take a small handful of uncooked oatmeal and fresh milk. Scrub your face with it. Rinse with cold water for a delightful glow.
  • Spring Season Aromatherapy Tip: Add a drop or two of Organic Lavender Oil to a diffuser to strengthen resistance to Spring weather changes.