Massage Therapy

Please specify whether you prefer a male or female therapist and discuss your treatment needs with them so that your expectations can be met or exceeded.

Soothing Swedish style is characterized by long, smooth, sliding strokes, friction, and kneading on the surface of the muscles.

Acupressure applies pressure to specific points of the body’s meridians to help balance the nervous system and energy channels. Helps break up knots and deep tension.

Deep Tissue uses slow, intense strokes and deep finger pressure or friction to get into the areas where muscles are extremely dense or tight.

Thai massage is given on a mat on the floor with the recipient wearing loose comfortable clothes. The body is stretched in various positions and while holding the stretch, the therapist massages the extend muscles. A complete body loosening massage can be achieved in 2 hours for most people. A shorter 1 hour version will relax the main muscle groups of the body.

Hot stone therapy has been used for centuries to soothe and heal. Hot stones are placed at key points under and around your body, and used as massage tools with essential oils to help promote deep relaxation and balance.

Foot reflexology stimulates specific pressure points on the feet, which correspond to glands, organs and structures of the body. This brings relief from stress and tension, and promotes deep relaxation.

Healing arts are also offered in the form of Reiki, Polarity work or Qigong. Please call to inquire.

60 minute Swedish $85
60 minute combo, reflexology or deep tissue $85
30 minute Swedish $55
30 minute combo, reflexology or deep tissue $55
60 minute hot stone therapy $115
120 minute hot stone therapy $190